Heart surgeon offers unique surgery close to home

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) –  Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. A day many celebrate love, but the month of February is also a time to be aware of the health of your heart.

A surgeon and his team at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill work to keep hearts the best they can be all year long by performing life saving heart surgeries.

Dr. Barry Chan is a heart surgeon.  He is responsible for bringing a minimally invasive open heart surgery to the hospital called Mitral Valve Repair.

Dr. Chan says he makes a small incision on the side of a patient’s body, rather than their chest. The recovery time is also suspected to be shorter.

Ron Cookson of Waxhaw, North Carolina says he was diagnosed with a heart murmur caused by a Mitral Valve about 40 years ago and knew he would eventually need surgery.

Cookson said about three months ago he noticed he couldn’t play a game of golf because he was so short of breath.

He was told he would have to travel to New York for the surgery. Then he found Dr. Chan.

Now three months later he’s recovering well.

In the video above, hear from Dr. Chan and patient, Ron Cookson.

To learn more about Piedmont Medical Center’s cardiovascular center, visit: https://www.piedmontmedicalcenter.com/services/cardiovascular

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