Great Falls White Water Project Set to Open its Channels in March

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A much anticipated update on the Great Falls White Water Project was discussed during the Chester Development Association’s annual Banquet on Wednesday, January 18th.

The Chester Development Association is a private-sector fundraising arm that supports the county’s economic growth.

Several topics were discussed but one that received a larger applause than most was Duke Energy’s update on the Great Falls White Water Project, With the biggest piece of news being that all major construction has been completed on the project, and that water is set to flow through it’s channels sometime this March.

No exact date has been set just yet as some tests still need to be completed, but Duke officials are confident people will be kayaking in just a couple months. While this is a huge milestone for the more than 5 year old project, it won’t mean the end of the work.

Duke Energy Project Manager Christy Churchill says “It will be an ongoing development, There’s still a lot of things to happen in the year’s to come that will ultimately make it a more whole project. I’d say 10 years from now when the state park is alive and kicking and all the other recreation components are completed, it’ll really be a destination.”

Duke Energy’s next step is to determine a schedule for recreational water flow release, and that will be decided in early February with stake holders, and later released on Duke’s website.

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