Grandmother Asks For Cards On What Would Have Been Grandson’s 4th Birthday

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) — Never underestimate the power of a handwritten letter.

A Rock Hill grandmother whose grandson died in 2016 posted on Facebook to ask for cards on what would have been his 4th birthday. The cards came in by the dozens from strangers all over the country.

“When I wake up, he’s the first thing that I think of. [It just] makes me feel that he’s still here,” Tammy Elmore said.

She received cards from all over the country, including like North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Wisconsin. Some from parents who also lost children.

“Please give our Dom a big kiss, and tell him how much we miss both of you down here,” was written in one card.

It’s a lost art, writing handwritten notes, but sometimes we forget the difference a pen and paper can make in somebody’s day.

“You know to see his name on something and they took the time, they just don’t know how much that meant to me,”Tammy said.

After Mason’s death, Tammy started the Mason Jayce Foundation. Through that foundation, she has donated around 2,500 books to newborns in hospitals.



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