Gov. McMaster Issues Executive Order For Some Outsiders Coming Into South Carolina, Financial Relief Coming Our Way

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Governor Henry McMaster issues another executive order for outsiders coming into South Carolina.

He’s requiring those coming into the state from Coronavirus hot spot areas – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the city of New Orleans – to self-quarantine for 14 days. The governor says there will be a penalty attached if you do not comply.


South Carolina has confirmed 86 additional cases across the state. There are now 539 cases across 39 counties.

There are also 4 more deaths, bringing the state’s total to 13. DHEC has deployed 600 staff members to respond to Coronavirus.

DHEC says it’s still working to clear up bed space in hospitals. It’s suggesting people with mild symptoms to stay home and only if they worse – should they seek medical care. The idea is to free up space for those who need it most.

Additionally, DHEC has released the zip codes where confirmed positive Coronavirus cases have been located.

Below are numbers for counties in our area.

YORK: 18

29707 – 2

29708 – 2

29715 – 8

29730 – 3

29732 – 1

Unknown – 2


29706 – 1


29067 – 1

29646 – 1

29707 – 1

29720 – 3

Click HERE to see your zip codes.

Senator Lindsey Graham…

President Donald Trump has just signed a $2.2 trillion dollar relief package to save lives.

Everybody in South Carolina who makes under $75,000 or less a year will get $1,200, couples making $150,000 or less will get $2,400 and plus $500 for each child.

If you’re on social security and disability – you’ll get a check.

Graham says it will take a few weeks, but money is coming for South Carolinians.

He says $150 billion dollars will go to help states, counties and municipalities to fight the virus.

He says $16 billion dollars will be for supplies, nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals who meet the disease head-on everyday.

“This disease will die if you follow the guidelines – between now and the summer, we have to focus on good containment policies,” Graham said.

The senator said we will focus on good containment policy. He said the sooner residents do their part, the faster this will go away.

“Hopefully by fall we will have a vaccine to kill it,” Graham said, “We’re going to have an economy that’s going to be locked down.”

Graham add the economy will reopen based on sound science and that we may even get relief in the summer from the virus as heat is its enemy, but the virus could return in the fall.

Senator Scott…

Senator Scott lays out more numbers.

$4.5 billion dollars will go to the CDC, $11 billion for vaccines and $45 billion for FEMA to ramp up bringing resources.

Over $100 billion for hospitals and $350 billion for small businesses impacted by Coronavirus that had to lay off employees and seen a drop in revenues.