“Gavin’s Law” – Sexual Extortion bill passes, soon will head to SC Governor’s desk

COLUMBIA, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A bill that would make Sexual Extortion a crime in South Carolina passed the Senate on Thursday and will eventually land on Governor Henry McMaster’s desk in the weeks to come to be signed into law.

According to SC Senator Wes Climer, the bill passed the Senate today. There will be one more vote before it heads to Gov. McMaster’s desk, although reps believe it will get third reading by unanimous consent.  Climer offered an amendment to the bill to name it Gavin’s Law, and that also passed today by unanimous consent.

Representatives say it was an emotional day in session when the bill passed as senators embraced Rep. Brandon Guffey with hugs.

The bill was introduced by House Representative for District 48, Brandon Guffey after his son, Gavin was targeted by sextortion in 2022. Gavin died by suicide in July 2022.

Since then, Rep. Guffey has worked to turn his pain into purpose by proposing a bill to hold criminals of Sexual Extortion accountable.

In Guffey’s proposed bill, school districts will be required to implement a policy to educate and notify students of the provisions of this act which includes adequate notice to students, parents or guardians, the public, and school personnel of the change in law yearly.

FBI officials say Sextortion is increasing among children and teens online as criminals work to extort victims over intimate photos or videos.

CN2 News will be speaking with Guffey about this news in Friday’s newscast.

(Photo credit: Rep. Brandon Guffey)

Link to Statehouse Senate Session https://www.scstatehouse.gov/video/archives.php

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