Forum helps and encourages small business owners

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Small Businesses are the backbone in a lot of communities.
There are many challenges they face and today small business owners are getting a chance to learn how to overcome.

The Small Business Forum at Winthrop University discussed the obstacles as well as what help is available.

Hosted by the South Carolina Small Business Development Center Congressman Ralph Norman facilitated part of the discussion where experts spoke about how the nation is coming off a “caffeine high” from the previous year due to the recovery of a rapid labor market.

A survey revealed the main challenges that business owners are facing include hiring and retaining staff, reaching customers, and growing sales.

5th Congressional District Rep. Ralph Norman said, “It is important for the businesses to know that they got some help, with what Winthrop is doing, what small business centers are doing, the Darla Moore school. They are assets to help. It doesn’t cost anything and I think they should take advantage of it. This highlights what they can do and this salutes to businesses that pay the taxes that offered so many other things.”

Darla Moore School of Business Dr. Joey Von Nessen said, “It’s about meeting the market need and whatever industry or whatever business they are in and look to their industry and look to what their customers are looking for and meeting that market need. That is something that all businesses face and that’s something that is no less important today that has been previously. And every business needs to be aware what their competition looks like what their consumer is looking for and find creative ways to meet those needs and that is something small business are very good at.”

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