Fort Mill’s Partnership with Winthrop University


FORT MILL S.C. (CN2 News) – When living in the Carolinas, everyone loves to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, and that’s one thing the town of Fort Mill is focused on when planning new projects.


Chris Sardelli, Fort Mill Public Information Officer, says, “Fort Mill has always been really big about connecting its residents with is outdoor spaces. One of the ideas that town officials had is trying to find a way to extend the Carolina Thread Trail through the town.”


The Carolina Thread Trail is a connection of nearly 1,600 miles of walking trails through 80 government entities, and town leaders want to find a way to extend it with the help of Winthrop University.


The goal of the program and partnership between the town and Winthrop is to create a new walking space from downtown Fort Mill all the way up to the Anne Springs Close Greenway and even down to Riverwalk.


Doctor Nicholas Moellman is an assistant professor of Economics at Winthrop, and helped to create the program that will help fort mill in this outdoor plan.


“The goal is to provide some analysis for fort mill and fort mill economic partners to get some idea of what the effect of this trail might be,” Dr. Moellman says, “but it’s also a chance to give our students a chance to get some real world hands on experience.”


The program will be offered to not only economic students at Winthrop, but other business majors as well such as Marketing, with the goal to make sure every base is covered when planning.


Dr. Moellman says, “I think gathering data and seeing what the impact will be in important. Along with that, cost is important and that will depend on there the trail goes and costs of material, we want out partners to get excited. Who are they? Community members, general public who will utilize the trail, but also businesses who might benefit from the trail.”


Even though the long term plans are in the early stages the town is excited for what the future holds.

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