Fort Mill Teen Mows Lawns To Give Back To Kids In Need

FORT MILL, S.C. — Working over the summer to make a little extra money is quite common.

But imagine taking all the money you earned and donating it.

An 8th grader from Springfield Middle School in Fort Mill started his own little business this past summer to give back to children in need.

13-year-old Naveenth Nalajala was reading a book about a kid who mows lawns to earn money.

After discussing the idea with his family, Navneeth wanted to do the same thing, but instead of keeping his hard earned money, he decided to…

“donate it to charity partly because I’m a boy scout and service to others and charity means a lot to me,” he said.

Navneeth raised $500 after mowing lawns over the summer in his Fort Mill neighborhood, Saxon Place.

The organization he chose to support? The Children’s Attention Home in Rock Hill, which he says is an active place that connected with him.

“I wanted to donate to a place where kids like me needed help, like basically where places where kids aren’t as fortunate as me to have a great family and have such great parents and have a house, have a car and things that we take for granted in our everyday lives,” Navneeth said.

“It is so humbling to have somebody like, like this family that has just poured out their hearts for our kids, kids that they don’t know,” Katy Motsinger with the Children’s Attention Home said.

Navneeth placed flyers in mailbox to get the word out. The boy scout says neighbors were eager to take his services, especially when they saw he wasn’t simply going door to door asking for donations.

“It also served as a learning experience for me, how to manage customers, how to act in a business manner and also be friendly the same time,” Navneeth said.

“It’s really incredible to think about the generosity of people and how that has continued to help the children’s attention home thrive for 50 years,” Motsinger said. “It’s really been the community that has made it possible for us to continue to do the work that we do everyday and this is just a testament to that.”

Navneeth and his family recently stopped by the home to drop off the money.

Navneeth says his mother kept him motivated, his dad helped with supplies and his brother Kovidh assisted with raking.

And now, this determined teen hopes other kids will be inspired to give back to their community.


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