Former SC Governor, Nikki Haley Visits Chester Co. Talks Education, Election 2024

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Nikki Haley, also a former UN Ambassador in Chester County on this Wednesday where she attended an event where education is the target.

Haley attended a sporting clays fundraiser at Rocky Creek Sporting Clays in Richburg.

The fundraiser is for the organization she founded called The Original Six (O6) Foundation.

It focuses on breaking down educational barriers in rural and undeserved areas of South Carolina by bringing in certified teachers to help students in afterschool programs while parents work to put food on their tables.

In addition to the afterschool programs, the organization also has literacy programs and its “My First Library” has distributed over 44, 693 books since 2020, reaching 4,147 South Carolina kindergarten students, serving 30 schools in 11 districts, according to leaders with the organization.

Haley started the organization when she was governor.

It partners with 11 South Carolina public school districts as they work with teachers who focus on homework assistance and work to help 3rd through 8th grade students.

The organization hires the teachers on the ground and Haley says they’ve seen a difference in children’s lives.

The Foundation’s after school program has almost doubled in size since last school year and has helped around 17,000 children.

It is an Election Year and Haley shares a message just weeks ahead of the Midterms, but first she talks about how the COVID  pandemic impacted students and why The Original Six Foundation nonprofit is so vital.

“Really the reason we doubled our afterschool programs was because of COVID. There is such a need to get these kids caught back up. We want to be that support system to these teachers and to kids. Because if a child can’t read by 3rd grade, they are 4 times less likely graduate high school. We have to make sure these kids can read”, says Haley.

CN2 News did ask Haley is they would bring the O6 Foundation to Chester County schools. She says they are happy to work with the district and ask school leaders to reach out to The Original Six (O6) Foundation.

In addition to the fundraiser for the Original Six Foundation,  Nikki Haley has been traveling the country on a tour promoting her latest book,  “If You Want Something Done”.

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