Former Football Star Charged With Murder, In Court For Bond Hearing

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) — A 26-year-old who played football for Northwestern High School is facing murder charges.

The family of Montrece Kennedy says he also played for California State University.

But now, he is charged with murdering a man just two days after Christmas.

A judge has yet to make a decision on Kennedy’s bond hearing – because as CN2’s Indira Eskieva learned – there are several factors affecting the judge’s decision.

One nuance the judge will consider when making his decision – is Montrece Kennedy’s safety. Prosecutors say there is a lot of tension between families on both sides.

“At least his family can see him. I go to the graveyard everyday,” Demetria Dockery said.

Dockery says she practically raised her brother, 39 year-old Robert Dockery Junior.

Detectives say Dockery was shot to death on Calhoun Street in Rock Hill – just two days after Christmas.

Former Northwester High School Football Player – 26-year-old Montrece Kennedy – is charged with his murder.

“And I know that he want to take this back – but unfortunately, we can’t turn back the hands of time,” the suspect’s aunt, Constance, said.

Detectives say on December 27th — Dockery and Kennedy got into an argument over Dockery’s dog.

Witnesses say the argument escalated – and Dockery pulled a knife out – which is when Kennedy pulled out a gun.

“We did find a knife within the vicinity of Mr. Dockery. However, one of the witnesses said that Mr. Dockery fled from Mr. Kennedy so fast – that she thought he had made it further than from where his body was discovered,” Det. Quate said.

Rosie Jones says Dockery had two children, including her 8 year old son.

She says she doesn’t want Kennedy released on bond – because he used to be friends with Dockery – and her son would recognize the man charged with his father’s murder.

“You know I don’t want my son to go outside because he knows Montrece, and “there the man who killed my father.” What kind of shock would that bring him,” Jones stated.

But Kennedy’s family says he is not violent, and was only defending himself.

“If my nephew could take it all back, he would. But if he could take it all back – and the man had a chance to use the knife, this man is not no saint,” Constance said.

Prosecutors said Kennedy does have a history involving possession of marijuana. They said he was federally prohibited from owning a firearm at the time of the alleged incident.

We’ll let you know as soon we we know whether the judge decides to set bond.

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