First Baptist Church of York’s School Celebrates Preschool Graduates



YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) As we know the school year has ended unexpectedly this year due to COVID-19, leaving many graduates and teachers looking for closure. Communities are continuing to come together to celebrate the class of 2020 during this time.

During the pandemic we’re celebrating graduates in the class of 2020, including little ones. Nearly 40 preschoolers from York First Baptist Church in York are being honored for their accomplishments as they prepare for the next level.

Lisa Cooper, Director of First Baptist Preschool, says, “well one thing our school year was cut short. We do a lot in the spring with our preschool program. So with all that being kind of washed away we really wanted to celebrate the day even though its rainy and blustery and like winter time we really wanted to just give them a gift and a hug and hopefully they’ll have a wonderful summer.”

Teachers from the preschool saying they miss their little ones and wanted to find a way to celebrate the time they’ve spent together and wish them well.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is in York celebrating with some of our smaller grads.