Farmers Gather to Thank York County Council For Support

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Members of York County Farm Bureau attended the York County Council meeting to thank council members for their support as some farmers are leaving the county.

Farmers from both Black’s Peaches and Bush-N-Vine gifted each council member with some of their locally grown produce as a thank-you for the help the council has given farmers.

Farmers have dealt with many challenges recently from weather to inflation, and say that dealing with Federal, State, and County regulations can make their job even harder.
They highlighted one instance they were thankful for where the council helped one farm by reclassifying it from a commercial property to an agriculture property, ultimately saving the it from higher property taxes.

YC Farm Bureau Vice President Sam Hall said, “A lot of people don’t realize is we’re not only trying to meet county regulations, but then we’re trying to meet state and federal regulations and then Federal regulations tell us to do this, but then County doesn’t know what to do with us because there’s so few farms left in York County. So getting that all to mesh well and then with taxation just understanding that we’re not out here making a million bucks.”

While farmers understand that council members may not have as much experience in farming, they do appreciate the willingness of the council to listen and learn about their problems.

With more farmers leaving the county, the remaining ones feel it is important to work with York County Council to solve some of the problems with agriculture in the area.


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