Eat Smart Move More York County Keeping People Healthy During COVID-19

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Eat Smart Move More York County is making efforts to make sure people are continuing to stay healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

They are partnering with local business leaders to encourage mindfulness and meditation at this time and also working with other local non-profits to prevent food insecurity.

CN2 spoke with the non-profit’s chair about how many people in our area don’t have access or can’t afford healthy food options.

Elizabeth Duda says this was an issue in York County before the outbreak, but now, more people are being effected.

Duda adds Eat Smart Move York County is working to help connect people with more nutritious foods by making sure farmers markets continue to stay open and are able to deliver, especially to areas without supermarkets.

“So right now, Eat Smart Move More York County is working with community partners to try and make sure that people are able to access the food, that farmers are getting their goods out to the people and that the people are getting them,” Duda said. “So, we have many community partners have made significant efforts throughout York County that are already working in this area. We’re trying to understand what everybody’s doing and collaborate with them to make sure that they are communicating and working together to bring the people together with the food.”

Duda also shared, there is an interactive map of North and South Carolina, showing where people can go to pick up food boxes, get free lunches, prepared meals and where they can get food delivery services.

For more information about the map, you can visit and go to featured links.

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