“Dylan Was My Everything.” Family, Friends Remember 10-Year-Old Shot and Killed

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) — The family of a 10-year-old boy shot and killed last Friday is searching for answers.

Delia Twitty says her son, Dylan Twitty, 10, was playing at a neighbors house on Friday afternoon when he was shot and killed. Delia says the other children were playing inside of the house, and said they did not hear or see anything.

“Nobody was there at all. My baby was laying there, just laying there.” Delia says it wasn’t until another neighbor spotted Dylan and started performing CPR that 911 was called.

Dylan’s 15 year old brother, Fred Twitty, says his baby brother was his world.  Fred says because the siblings were raised without a father, he felt it was his responsibility to be Dylan’s father figure.

“Dillon was my everything. My little aggravation, my brother, my son,” said Fred, “They took my baby from me.”

Fred says the image of his brother’s body laying on the ground is one that haunts him, keeping him awake at night.

“Only thing I could tell him was I love you and kiss him. Only way he could respond was with his eyes because [Dylan] was brain dead,” Fred said.

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile says Dylan was shot a single time in the upper body. His death is being investigated as a homicide.

“Our goal is to make an arrest in this case, find out what happened, and hopefully get the family some closure,” said Faile.

Faile wouldn’t say if he believes this shooting was an accident or if Dylan was a target.  Dylan’s family says someone must have heard something, and they’re hoping they will tell police what they know.

“They’re scared,” said Fred, “They’re not speaking out because they’re scared.”

While authorities focus on their investigation, Dylan’s elementary school is trying to come to terms with what happened.

Dylan was a 5th grader at Erwin Elementary.  The Lancaster County School District activated the district’s Crisis Team, and more than a dozen school counselors and psychologists have been working with students all day.

Corey Hyslop, the Principal of Erwin Elementary, said Dylan was an excellent student with an infectious smile.

“Dylan was a fantastic young man,” said Hyslop, “He worked hard, made straight A’s.”

Hyslop said Dylan also had perfect attendance and was recently inducted into Beta Club at school.




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