Disabled Rock Hill Veteran Receives New Shower

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Just in time for Veteran’s Day, a Charlotte-based bathroom modeler is giving a disabled Rock Hill veteran a new shower.

Crews with West Shore Home came to James Nies home in Rock Hill where they installed a brand new shower at no cost as part of its Baths for the Brave initiative.

Nies, a US Airforce veteran who also served in a Vietnam for a year, is 100 percent disabled. He also has a handicapped daughter with a serious spinal injury.

Nies says he was always worried his daughter would fall down in their old, outdated shower.

After returning home to South Carolina, Nies worked for many years. But he’s now retired and spends time with his family.

He adds, thanks to West Shore Home, he and his family can now live more comfortably and safely in their home.

“Now, she has a better, more secure, safe, walk-in shower, she has the grab bars, the removable shower heads with different pulsations, that she just she’s in love with it and I don’t have to worry myself to death whether she is going to injure herself again, so it’s great,” Nies said.

“It’s important as a company I think to always give back to your community and I can’t think of a better organization or people to give back to than veterans,” said David Welch, West Shore Home General Manager. “Ya know, they serve our country. While they are deployed, there are hardships they go through, but also the families, too. And it’s near and dear to my heart because I’m also a veteran.”

Baths for the Brave is an organization funded by 15 different construction companies across the country who seek out veterans in need of a new shower or tub.

Since 2016, the initiative has worked to improve the lives of veterans who were left disabled from their military service or have experienced hardships that prevent them from completing everyday tasks.


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