DIRTT Environmental Solutions Celebrates Grand Opening of Rock Hill Plant



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – DIRTT Environmental Solutions is North America’s largest interior construction company that uses software to design, manufacture and install customizable environments. Now, the business is opening a new facility in Rock Hill.

The Canada-based company will allow businesses to quickly design, build and update their spaces.

DIRTT is an interior construction company, responsible for paneling and custom construction you may see in businesses. The company made a $18.5 million investment in its new Rock Hill plant. A 130,000 square foot facility on Williams Industrial Boulevard was built to maximize the manufacturing of DIRTT’s key components in a sustainable way.

DIRTT CEO Kevin O’Meara saying, “Our job sites are very, very clean because we’ve used our proprietary software to itemize what we build.”

DIRTT’s leaders say that more than 80% of their facilities are right here in the US and because of all that the Carolinas have to offer, they say that Rock Hill was the next natural step for a new facility — and this facility has a lot to offer.

“The Carolinas are a very business friendly place to be. Great people that we can attract to work with us, close to our raw materials, great transportation system, let’s hit every major market very easily,” says O’Meara.

Bringing in more than 100 jobs, leaders say DIRTT will be an essential part of York County’s and Rock Hill’s economic future.

York County Council Chair, Christi Cox, says, “What I see is that York County is completely blessed, there are a lot of folks that are struggling but we continue to thrive and this is just another piece of good news that we getting in York County and we’re very excited about them being here.”

Rock Hill’s Mayor John Gettys saying, “In Rock Hill we’re seeing a lot of growth in so many different areas and that’s what we’ve got to have. And what our City Council spends a lot of time working on, is how do we balance out that growth? You know we don’t want too many distribution facilities, we need more manufacturing…. So, it’s really a matter of balance. And today really is the hardest thing to land in today’s economy, and that’s manufacturing jobs. So it’s just a wonderful day for Rock Hill.”

The businesses leaders say they look forward to growing with the community.

“We’d love to see growth, we’d love to see people with fabulous manufacturing jobs be able to provide for their families and prosper. And we’d like to see other businesses in the business parks that are developing, coming along as well, and ideally having DIRTT offices in their spaces,” says O’Meara.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson has more on the company and why Rock Hill was the perfect fit.

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