Congressman pushing for “daylight all year”, introduces the Daylight Act Bill

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – On Friday, March 10th U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman’s team says he introduced the DAYLIGHT Act bill. They say that bill would allow states to elect to observe year-round daylight-saving time.

They at the bill includes a Government Accountability Office (GAO) Study in which the Comptroller General would submit to Congress a report with the results of implementing daylight savings year-round no later than two years after enacted.

Here is a link to the bill numbered. H.R. 5906

Norman says 19 states, including S.C.  have enacted legislation in favor of year-round daylight-saving time. Current federal law only enables states to opt out of daylight-saving time and keep standard time year-round. This bill would amend the current law to also include the option for states to have daylight saving time year-round.

Norman says, “There are a number of health problems associated with time change year after year. Permanent daylight savings is certainly worth exploring for positive health benefits and increased safety of Americans. This legislation would give states the freedom to opt into year-round daylight savings, as well as continuing the option of year round standard time.”

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