Community Raises Money, Holds Burial for Baby Boy


LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Strangers in Lancaster County payed for and attended a burial for a baby boy whose body was unclaimed by his family. The effort was organized by Lancaster County Coroner Karla Deese.

“It’s our protocol that unclaimed descendants get cremated,” said Deese, “They actually go on a shelf at our office.”

Deese said the child was stillborn, and left unclaimed by his parents.  The Lancaster County Coroner’s Office has more than a dozen unclaimed bodies, said Deese.  The County only pays for cremation, and often unclaimed remains will sit on a shelf at the Coroner’s Office.

The thought of that happening to a child bothered Deese.

“The child is innocent, truly innocent. And the child didn’t have a say in this, but we doo.”

Deese posted a request on Facebook, hoping to raise money for a proper burial.  Not only did she raise $1,100, but the City of Kershaw donated a plot of land and two funeral homes agreed to help for free.

“I had to turn people away because we raised more than what it actually took,” said Deese, “So it was quite an amazing thing.”

People even donated an outfit for the baby to wear.

“He’s going to be buried with his outfit, his baby blanket, a stuffed animal and a rattle,” said Deese, “Everything that a child would need.”

On the day of the burial, people like Paulette Harris attended Kershaw City Cemetery to pray for the child.

“My prayer during this service [was] that God would give this child comfort during this time,” said Harris.

A community becoming family so a little boy who did not get a chance to experience love in life, felt it’s full force in death.

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