CN2 Today Pets of the Week – Meet Asher and Floki

YORK, S.C. (CN2 TODAY) –   If these sweet faces  grabs your heart, call today to make an appointment (803)802-0902.

May be an image of dog and text that says 'DOG OF THE WEEK FLOKI Floki is our gentle giant! He is 2 years old and just such a sweetheart. He loves going on walks, mainly to meet new people and give them kisses and hugs. Floki loves going out and about and is always up for a car ride! Not only is he a great boy but he has some of the coolest markings we have seen! You will fall in love with his goofy and loveable personality just as we have. CALL TO 803-802-0902 HUMANE SOCIETY OF YORK COUNTY tocajno-killshelter giving abandtoned arimals second harce'

May be an image of ‎cat and ‎text that says '‎حبر CAT OF THE WEEK ASHER No, that isn't Tiger Woods in his iconic red polo! This is ASHER! He looks better in red than Tiger, anyway! Asher is 7 year old who came to us with some skin issues! With the help of our Vet we have fixed him up and he is ready for adoption! He is such a love bug who is ready to be on your lap 24/7! CALL TO MEET ASHER 803-802-0902 HUMANE SOCIETY OF YORK COUNTY localno-killshefter, giving abandoned animats second crance‎'‎‎

All members of the family, that live in the household, must be at the appointment.
• REMEMBER: transition time for our FURfriends may vary. Give them the time they need to adjust. You won’t regret it.
• Dog adoptions are within a radius of 30-45 minutes due to home visit requirements.

Humane Society Rescue Needs:  

      • Laundry Detergent
      • Healthy Weight Dog Food
      • Big & Small Dog Treats

CN2 Pet of the Week is sponsored by Kamego Chiropractic Wellness Center


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