Main Street Children’s Museum Re-Opens


Rock Hill S.C. (CN2 News) – One of Rock Hill’s main attractions, the Main Street Children’s Museum, is finally opening its doors again to the public.


“The Children’s museum is a play space inspired by the artwork of Vernon Grant who lived in rock hill most of his life,” assistant manager of the museum, Erin Ray, says. “We had some water damage so we had to close for that, and then with the pandemic we had to close of that too, but we’re so excited to be open again and have little ones running around and interact with them and play. ”


With a water line break in 2018 causing extensive damage to the museum, they were forced to close their doors for the past two and a half years. Finally, after extensive renovations, the museum us opening its doors again to the public.


“We have lots of different exhibit spaces,” Ray says, “so we have a boat for kids can pretend to be pirates or that their sailing on a ship, we have a treehouse space we have a house space where they can have tea parties.”


And while the kids are over the moon to be out of the house and playing again, the parents are just as excited.


Alaina Williams, a Fort Mill mother says, “As soon as I saw this one open back up, I said were going as soon as I could get tickets, so were here, especially with the past year to get the kids back out and around their peers and kids their own age with new toys to play with to touch and learn because the toys we have at home where out, quickly so it’s great to have these local places that are run locally and for them to come and run around and have fun even for an hour or however long it lasts.”


It’s a very whimsical place and we really encourage kids to learn though play,” Ray says.



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