CN2 Moves Newsroom & Studio

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) –  The CN2 Studio and offices have now officially moved from Elizabeth Avenue in Rock Hill to a new a new location just a couple of blocks away.

The Broadcast House on Confederate Street is one that you are likely familiar it is also home to our news partners, OTS Network (WRHI) and to WSOC-TV.

Comporium and CN2 News are excited for this opportunity to bring you even more local coverage across the Tri-County.

This move, as we knew, has lead to some technical challenges with our newscast on air, but with lots of dedication and teamwork, we have continued to provide quality programing.

With these changes we have had to also say farewell to Ms. Carolyn who has been keeping our studio and offices in tip top shape for many years. We took time today to celebrate her 12 years of service to CN2 and her many positive words of wisdom. She will be greatly missed by us, but is staying with the Comporium family.

Thank you to everyone who has called, or written, to check on us because of the noticeable technical challenges. If you need to reach us as always, just email

Again, thank you for your support and for watching CN2 News.

Pictures of our move as of now, we look forward to sharing the finished product:

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