Hometown Hero Danice Vance Feeds Hundreds Of Children In Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. — There’s a lot of people doing good in our community.

That’s why we nominated Danice Vance as our latest CN2 Hometown Hero.

Vance is a giver so when the Coronavirus hit Rock Hill, she did what’s only natural to her, feeding kids in her community.

“One example is maybe corn dogs, they have food, milk and juice, sometimes they have hamburgers, beef sliders,” Vance said.

The meals are donated through Chartwells Dining Service. Vance uses donated funds to buy additional snacks.

She says Rock Hill has several feeding sites for students during COVID-19, but for those on Crawford Road, they’re a bit of a drive.

“And then some of the parents have six children or six grandchildren and they can’t put them in the car and get their lunches, so we decided we’d bring them here and their parents would pick them up,” Vance said.

With the help of friends and family, Vance gives out 50 to 60 meals every day, five days a week.

“She’s a true giver, and she loves to give back to the community. She loves children. I’ve known Danice since 1965- you can add it up, and we’ve been friends ever since,” said Lillie Witherspoon, Vance’s best friend.

Opening up her home and heart heart to feed others, Vance says it’s how things used to be and she’s trying to bring that back.

“It used to be that the neighborhood would help each other,” Vance said. “And we’ve gotten away from that and now with all of this going on, I think it’s a way of getting back to basics and helping people.”

“There are some that say they would like to do. She is one that will do,” Witherspoon said.

Vance volunteers in all kinds of ways. She contributes to blessing boxes, honor system food pantries where people can take food who are in need.

And last year, she did thanksgiving at Renew Our Community and served soup and cornbread in her neighborhood.




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