CN2 Business Spotlight – TravelCamp RV – Taking You on Your Next Adventure

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – “Those who wander are never lost” – J.R.R Tolkien . That is what most experienced campers may say, however, camping life to some may seem a bit complicated and a bit overwhelming to others.

In this edition of CN2 Business Spotlight we take you to the newly opened RV camping store in Rock Hill – TravelCamp.

From tent camping to full fledge RV living, owning a camper can take you on an adventure everyday. TravelCamp is a family owned, and operated, business based out of Florida. Along with their Rock Hill location they are opening stores all across the country offering everything from 5thWheels, Travel Trailers to rentals along with a full service department.

The Service Manager says camping is like a family and they are in the business of selling recreation – so finding out what everyone in the family’s needs are for a camper is very important when buying one.

TravelCamp officials say if you come to them have some answers ready for some questions they will ask.

Service Manager, TravelCamp Ben Thompson said, “That process begins with introducing yourself and asking the right questions. How many are in your family? What are you looking to do? Are you going to park it somewhere? Are you going to be a weekend warrior. Are you going to the beach all of the time? Or are you using this for tailgates? Ask the questions and we asses it and put them in them right coach. Whether it be a popup, a travel trailer or a 5th wheel. Normally people who have never camped before will go with one of the starter units that are smaller and easier to maneuver. And, probably in a year and half they will be trading it in saying this is awesome.”

There are more than 100 campers on the TravelCamp lot in Rock Hill off of Anderson Road.
They offer trade-ins and rentals for folks wanting to give it a try before buying.

TravelCamp says its best sellers are Winnebago and the Shasta because they offer a variety of floor plans with and with separated sleeping quarters.
To learn more about TravelCamp you can visit their website or pop in anytime Monday through Sunday at 982 N. Anderson Road, Rock Hill.

CN2 Business Spotlight is sponsored by F. Craig Wilkerson

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