CN2 Business Spotlight: Gray’s Anatomy Med Spa

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A New business in Rock Hill is making Healthy Happen…Beautifully, that’s their slogan and they live it!

After a car wreck stopped her in her tracks many years ago Cat Gray began to reclaim her life after doctors told her the injuries would keep her in a wheelchair for most of her life.

Over time she learned more about the power of massage and holistic healing and got back on her feet.

Though she has earned more than 100 certifications in the industry, completed Chiropractic school and more, she felt the need to do more.

Cat opened Gray’s Anatomy Med Spa – Where she has two sides to her business.
one is working with medical providers to provide therapy and pain management to patients
The other is the spa side. offering any type of body massage to facials and Botox.

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