CN2 Business Spotlight – Got Dents of the Carolinas

LANCASTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Do you just cringe when someone hits your car door? Or, a hail storm looming over your car? Dings happen and Got Dents of the Carolinas says its here to get those small bumps out of your car.

Got Dents of the Carolinas, a mobile paintless dent repair service uses a variety of specialty equipment in making sure that your vehicle is transformed back to its pre-damaged condition.

Using special tools, Dents are massaged out from the inside – using unique hand and electrical tools.

For more than 12 years owner Allen Johnson, who is based out of Lancaster, travels all over the tri-county removing hail damage and small dings on vehicles.

He partners with Dents and Dings in Rock Hill on a variety of projects, but keeps his business mobile.

Owner Allen Johnson said,  “I go out to the persons house and actually fix the car there. But, usually before I got to their house they send me pictures and kinda get an idea of what type of damage they have on their car before I go. So when I do go out to the house I’m 90 percent sure I will actually work on the car. If it is more than what I can do then I usually send them to the nearest body shop that I think has the best quality and work. Everything I do, I think about quality first. and give people what they are actually paying for.

Johnson says most of the repairs that he sees are door dings and hail damage. He offers free inspections and will even help with your insurance claim.

You can usually spot his little van around the tri-county. Learn more click here  Got Dents of the Carolinas or visit his Facebook page Got Dents or call  803-804-4949.

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