Clover School District & deputies work to crack down on speeding in school zones

CLOVER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Less than twenty four hours after a school bus crash in Clover, the school district and law enforcement are sending a strong message to drivers.

Wednesday morning the York County Sheriff’s Office says it arrested a driver for driving under the influence in front of Crowders Creek Elementary School, the same area officials say a pick-up truck struck a school bus Tuesday morning.

More deputies and South Carolina Highway Patrol troopers were in the area by Crowders Elementary School after a request from the Clover School District.

The Clover School District Public Information Officer, Bryan Dillon says they’ve been working with law enforcement for some time to increase patrol on Highway 274 and other congested areas around Clover schools.

Additionally, a contract was signed to have off-duty deputies in the area to help the traffic controllers in the front of the school after the bus accident Tuesday morning.

“I just spoke to a parent and the word that came up was traumatizing. And it really is. Its traumatizing for parents that live in Marlin Bay, they heard it and came to see what was going on. It was traumatizing for the students in the bus, the driver. Just everybody around there, the community as a whole seeing that. That’s why we want to continue to have those conversations. Really stress the importance of adhering to the speed limits. Its a school zone, and that flashing light, you need to drop those speeds down, driving through that area at 60 miles per hour just can’t happen”, says Dillon.

Dillon also says they have reached out to local legislators requesting to add a light at the intersection by Crowders Creek to help slow drivers down.

Thankfully in both situations no students or staff were hurt.

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