Clover Residents Oppose New Development on Tom Joye Road




CLOVER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A new ordinance that would bring new homes to Clover is raising concerns among some residents. Some are worried about traffic congestion, growth, taxes, impacts to the school system and more.

Clover residents protesting an ordinance’s second reading that was tabled, for another meeting. The pending ordinance would mean moving forward with a new housing development.

Many residents want to know what this project would mean for them.

Long-time Clover resident Harold Walker says, “If this happens down on Tom Joye Road it’s gonna be a big traffic problem. Houses will be built close house together…”

Clover’s leaders bringing forth a new ordinance, 21-08, that would bring more than 100 homes to the area — annexing property at Tom Joye Road.

Clover’s Mayor Greg Holmes says, “We discussed it. First of all, it went to our planning commission before it came before council. Planning commission did approve it for R-12 provision. Originally the developer wanted to do a conservation which would allow more houses, the town council shot that one down to come back for an R-12 zoning.”

An R-12 code could mean three home lots per acre, an R-20 code would mean two lots per acre. Residents say they want to maintain the town’s look and feel.

One resident, Jeffery Sigmon, says, “We’re going to have developments but let’s cut them back a little, let’s get some land, let’s make them look like our houses across the road, let’s at least put $300, $400-thousand houses in there. Let’s don’t start just putting cookie cutter square boxes up in there.”

Another resident Brandon Simous says, “When we have the school district asking for a very large size bond referendum, because our schools are overcrowded and they say that we need more space, it’s irresponsible to approve it at an R-12 when the zoning consultant for the Clover Town commission did recommend R-12 or R-20 low density housing which would allow the lot size is to be bigger.”

Wanting more information on the outcome of the school bond referendum and other zoning options, council will come back to review ordinance 21-08’s second reading.

“I think we all agree that growth is here. We have a lot of growth, we just need to make sure it’s smart growth when we approve any type of projects for the Town of Clover,” says Mayor Holmes.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is at Clover’s Town Council meeting, hearing from town leaders and residents.


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