Clover Police Officer Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 Working To Recover

CLOVER, S.C. — A Clover police officer has tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Clover Police Department.

Chief Randy Grice says the department learned about the officer’s condition this past Friday.

He says the officer is currently at home quarantined and recovering.

Right now, other officers are still out in Clover’s community making sure people are safe and he says the department is doing what they can to keep his officers and employees healthy.

“As people find out that people closer to them are being infected or becoming positive or whatever, their attitude seems to change and they almost go into a panic stage and that creates a little bit of problems,” Grice said. “But hopefully people realizing that people are recovering from this. Everybody’s not passing away. There are recovery rates and just keep on doing what you’re supposed to do and maintaining your social distance and everything will be fine.”

The chief says they’re doing everything they can to prevent the spread further. He says they have a plan in place, should other officers become infected.

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