City of York Welcomes New Fire Chief



YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The City of York hiring on Michael Regal as the city’s new Fire Chief after terminating previous Fire Chief, Dominic Manera, in March of this year.

Community leaders and residents coming out to welcome new Fire Chief Michael Regal. Coming to the City of York from Riley County Fire in Manhattan, Kansas, Chief Regal shares more on why he wanted to come to York.

York’s new Fire Chief Michael Regal saying, “I chose the City of York because there’s a very good opportunity here with the amount of growth that’s coming to the city. And of course as with anything, I’ll continue to grow the department, adding more additional personnel, increasing services to the citizens as well. You know it’s like anything, you just want to try to be presented with a challenge.”

Chief Regal is no stranger to the Carolinas, he’s a native. Starting his career down in the Charleston area more than 20 years ago. Now in the City of York, he says he’s looking forward to all the department has to offer.

Chief Regal saying, “So I am from the moment transferring from the mid-west, but I am a lifelong resident here in South Carolina. My hometown is Chapin, South Carolina. I’ve worked for a few departments within the state here right now, down in the Charleston area with James Island, I was working local where I lived at in Lexington County fire service as well as of course transferring over to the State Fire Academy as a regional chief.”

City leaders saying when looking to fill this role they wanted to find someone who would grow the fire department, alongside the city’s growth.

York City Manager Seth Duncan saying, “Someone who is really going to look at where we are and where we need to go. As York continues to grow so do the needs for services — as far as fire, police, and others — are going to continue to grow as well and so having someone come in who’s experienced similar growth in their career, is an excellent opportunity for the City of York.”

“Grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been presented here in York. I just want to tell the residents in York that you know where the fire department’s at, my door is always open if you have any concerns that you want to talk about. Come talk with me, come sit down in the morning time and have a cup of coffee and discuss anything that you feel the need to,” says Chief Regal.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with Chief Regal about his new role in York’s community.

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