City Of Tega Cay Reopening Its Parks This Week

TEGA CAY, S.C. — City leaders with Tega Cay say they’re reopening parks this week.

They’re doing this to give people more options for getting fresh air.

Joey Belthen, Parks & Recreation director, says the city wanted to relieve the burdens and crowds at the city’s trails and open up more green spaces.

They’ve posted the announcement on social media along with guidelines for people to follow. He says they’re still abiding by the governors social distancing orders and have advised law enforcement to make sure people are continuing to stay safe.

“We understand their role to try and provide some positivity and kind of with our citizens and everyone around just to kind of give them some time to look forward to you and hopefully by opening up the parks we are accomplishing that,” Blethen said. “Obviously, our next step is hopefully resuming spring sports and then resuming some of our community events as well.”

Blethen says the city is still having discussions about the opening of playgrounds and recreation complexes.

He adds they’re also still considering spring sports with a modified schedule. You can keep an eye out for more announcements on the city’s social media outlets and website.

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