City Of Chester Requiring Residents To Wear Face Masks, Lancaster Could Follow Suit

CHESTER, S.C. — The city of Chester recently voted on a city-wide emergency ordinance at its Monday night council meeting that requires face masks for 61 days.

The City’s Mayor Wanda Y. Stringfellow says the order will go into effect on Tuesday, July 7th giving local residents and businesses a grace period to prepare.

Stringfellow says fines will begin at 25 dollars and can be as high as 100 dollars for repeat offenders.

She says so far, the city has had 172 cases of COVID-19 and 1 death.

She also adds she knows the city’s numbers are lower compared to other areas around the state, but believes it’s important to get ahead of the outbreak and maintain low numbers.

Lancaster County will also be discussing during a meeting tonight on voting on a resolution to send to Columbia to get the governor to enact a state-wide mandate for all citizens to wear a mask.