Chester Police Searching For Suspects Involved In Two Unrelated Shootings

CHESTER, S.C. — We’re learning now that Chester Police do not believe two weekend shootings are related, but it still left neighborhoods shaken by gun violence.

Late last week, police say a woman was shot and rushed to the hospital. Her condition is not known at this time.

Another unrelated shooting also took place, but was unfortunately, deadly.

Johnna Hodge says she was at home when the shots rang out.

“During that time, I jumped on the floor, because I didn’t know where the bullets was coming or going from,” Hodge said.

Hodge said it was soon a chaotic scene on York Street in Chester with police flooding the neighborhood. She later learned that she knew the man shot.

Police identified him as 42-year-old father Christopher Mayfield. Police are still looking for suspects.

“It hurts. We have some many young casualties from gun violence. It’s ridiculous,” Hodge said.

Earlier on Friday another shooting at Chester Heights 2 in Chester. Police say Robert Lamont Brown is wanted for shooting his girlfriend.

Robert Smith was the couple’s neighbor. He said they had 4 children living with them and he never suspected anything was wrong.

“I never imagined that in my life. He was a nice guy, both of them were real nice. I didn’t know he had that kind of spirit in him to do something like that,” Smith said.

We’re told the girlfriend who is also a mom is in the hospital fighting for her life. Police say Brown is still wanted in connection with her shooting and he is considered armed and dangerous.


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