Chester County Penny Sales Tax




CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Chester’s leaders will be hosting a Facebook Live event on this Tuesday night at 7. They will be discussing the Capital Project Sales Tax, also known as the Penny Sales Tax.

This round of penny sales taxes began in 2014 and will run through 2021 providing $17million dollars over that time.

The one cent tax is applied to everything that is sold in the county and helps fund Capital projects around the county that there would otherwise not be available funds for.
Leaders say there were 118 applications for funds and the projects leaders selected 53 including projects that will fund the county’s first responders and an emergency radio system that would connect all first responders in an emergency.

“You know first responders got a good bit. There’s a need for the radio system in Chester county where our rural fire, EMS and police can not talk to each other it goes through dispatch — even on major routes in Chestier County like highway 72 and different places they have to go back to their trucks because they don’t have capabilities to talk on the walkie talkies — and just think how if that was your loved one in that wreck what would happen if they had to walk away to make radio contact for somebody,” says Herby Lutz.

Herby Lutz is the Capital Sales Tax Commissioner and says he believes these projects are important for the county and help it grow and to attract more visitors and residents.