Chester County Father Diagnosed With COVID-19 Fighting For His Life

STORY UPDATE (4/27/2020) Good news for a Chester County dad fighting the coronavirus CN2 News has learned he’s going home.  A week ago 46-year-old Kelly Enix was in a medically induced coma and in a fight for his life after being diagnosed with COVID-19. After spending two weeks in the hospital, Enix’s family says he is coming home. His family says so many of you have prayed for Kelly Enix and they are so grateful that those prayers have been answered.

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) — A Chester County father is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

His family says Kelly Enix, 46, was healthy and had no preexisting conditions, but tonight he is in a medically induced coma.

“That’s a feeling I can’t even describe,” says his wife, Jennifer Enix. “The thought of him being scared and alone, it just breaks my heart.”

Jennifer says her husband started seeing symptoms about 10 days ago.  It started with a high fever, and soon he went into respiratory distress.

“We went to the emergency room here in Chester because that’s where we lived, and I don’t think we would have made it any further,” Jennifer said,  “And they transported him to Lancaster at MUSC Lancaster, and he was there until Tuesday. And they airlifted him to Presbyterian in Charlotte after they intubated him.”

Jennifer is also a nurse, but she says did not have any contact with COVID-19 patients.  She also says she’s not certain how her husband contracted the virus.

“We went nowhere. We went to work and we came home, and that’s it.”

Jennifer and the couple’s 18-year-old son are quarantined at home until Friday. Right now, they don’t have any symptoms for the virus. The Enix’s 8-year-old daughter is with Jennifer’s mother. Because of their work schedules, they don’t believe she was exposed to the virus.

“I can’t hug my daughter or comfort her, and you know she’s devastated. That’s her daddy. I can’t comfort my mother-in-law or be with my in-laws. My mama can’t be with me,” Jennifer said.

With the family separated, and their father fighting for his life, Jennifer is asking people to take this virus seriously.

“Take it seriously. You don’t have to be elderly or immunocompromised for this to take you down. It can take you down if you’re perfectly healthy.”


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