Chester County Businesses Invest In Their Growth

CHESTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – There has been a lot of discussion concerning funding for fire services in Chester County lately. With nearly all departments seeing increased call numbers volunteers is unable to keep up.

This past Monday, June 27th, Chester County Council took a step forward by increasing the budget for fire and rescue from 4% to 5%. The increased revenue will come from the “Post Gateway” FILOT Revenue, agreements. This agreement, between Chester County and new Industries in the area, are tax plans where Industries pay and Chester County chooses where to send the money.

For now, the fire departments closest to these industries are seeing the biggest benefit because they provide fire protection to the businesses paying for the budget increase.

Chester $27,000
Lando Fire $17,000
Lewis Fire $4,500
Richburg Fire and Rescue $105,000.

As other industries come online, such as Gallo Winery, departments like Fort Lawn will also see a five percent bump.

The approved budget is also helping to fund 4 part-time positions in the fire coordinator’s office to improve EMT response times in the more rural parts of Chester County, according to Councilman, Pete Wilson.

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