Chester Co. Students asked to bring bottled water after Boil Water Advisory

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C (CN2 NEWS) – Chester County students were told to bring bottled water to school on this Monday after most of the area is under a Boil Water Advisory.

This comes after Chester Metropolitan Water District reported an 8″ water link break took place in the Fort Lawn area on Sunday, November 5th. Officials say they had to cut off the main line to make repairs. Water was out in the Fort Mill area until repairs were made but is now back on.

Per DHEC, a Boil Water Advisory is now in effect for Chester County unless homeowners are on a well.

School district leaders say School will operate on a normal schedule today but all water fountains will be sealed off.

School official say they confirmed with the Chester Metropolitan District that students and staff will be able to wash their hands with soap and utilize hand sanitizer during the day, but not allowed to drink the water.

The district will deliver a few cases of bottled water to all school sites  but they are asking parents to send a few bottles of water, if they choose with their children tomorrow.
Our Student Nutrition Staff Members have boil water advisory procedures in place in order to ensure the water is safe for preparing meals in all schools.
Below is information from Chester Metropolitan District about how to safely boil water.
 All customers in Chester County are on a BOIL WATER NOTICE due to water main break in Fort Lawn, South Carolina.
Customers must boil water vigorously for one (1) minute prior to using for cooking or drinking. Bottled water should be used for small children and pets.
We will update this notice once the bacteriological samples are complete.
Customers may experience cloudy or dirty water, if you do experience this please flush your lines until it clears up. If you continue to have issues please notify us at 803-385-5123.
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