CAUGHT: Chester County Sheriff Says Tyler Terry is in Custody

Photo Courtesy: Facebook

CHESTER COUNTY S.C. (CN2 News) – The Sheriff County Sheriff’s Office says Tyler Terry is now in custody. He was safely captured this Monday morning with no shots fired. When ATF found him, he was laying on the ground hiding. He is facing murder charges from SC to Missouri, authorities say he killed 4 people.

The murder suspect has been on the run for a week. According to the Sheriff’s Department, the 26 year old shot at Chester County Deputies Monday, May 17th. He and his partner Adrienne Simpson ran. The car crashed on Highway 9. Simpson was caught, Terry escaped into the woods and has been on the run since.  He was taken into custody without incident Monday, May 24th. Deputies say Terry was homeless and had been living in the woods, that is part of the explanation as to how he has avoided capture for so long.

The Sheriff says this was teamwork and while they believed he was in their “bubble” during the entire week, it was very challenging. There were cheers when he was caught and the officers, who’ve been away from their families for a week now – are very proud. “We’ve got a great agency and a great county” according to the Sheriff.

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