Cat’s Paw Rescue Center in Chester County Under Investigation, Deputies Say

CHESTER COUNTY S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Three family members, all tied to Cat’s Paw Rescue in Chester County are now charged with ill-treatment of animals, according to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Christine Collinge (photo below), Evelyn Collinge, and Channing Collinge all facing a felony charge after Chester County Animal Control got an anonymous tip, going out the property on Pall Mall Road and then called law enforcement.

Officials say more than 50 cats were taken from the property.

CN2 crews were able to get video on this Monday of the cats at Chester County Animal Control, leaders say the cats are malnourished and dehydrated, many have diseases and a lot of medical care is going to be needed.

Kelli Simoneau, the Director of Chester County Animal Control explains, “We arrived on scene and checked on the animals and had concerns at that time we went to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office and provided pictures of the living conditions of these animals. At that time deputies stepped in when we retrieved all the animals we brought them back to the shelter and are housing them there”, says Simoneau.

Due to the influx of cats, Chester County Animal Control is asking for the community to support them through donations.

Both cash donations through a Paypal link are welcome as well as cat food and supplies.

Anyone 18 and above can also volunteer and spend time with these animals to help try and bring them back to health.

Donate here:

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