Business Spotlight – StretchLab Helping People Move Easier

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Imagine standing taller, running faster even bending over that much further, well that is what one new business in the Tega Cay and Fort Mill area is doing in helping people move easier. And, this isn’t just for athletes or dancers – they say it’s for everyone.

StretchLab is a one-on-one assisted stretching and flexibility training class where Flexologists guide you through stretches designed for your needs.

They say a Flexologist is trained to give a deeper stretch which will give you a wider range of motion. than what you could do on your own. they say Clients range from five years of age to senior citizens. They believe stretching is something that everyone can benefit from – adding the difference between this and massage. They work on full stretching and mobility of the muscle.

Studio Manager Mallorie Llanas said, “We have clients that are sedentary a lot for work, that have a lot of issues with lower back pain neck pain that sort o thing just because of the posture they are in all day. And, we are able to do some phenomenal things with them work on those areas. we also have clients and members that are highly active that do cross fit triathlons are in competitive sports and come in to help improve their performance as well as prevent injury. We have high school kids that play sports and we have people that just travel and they are in airplanes or they are driving trucks and they just need something to help them out to help keep that circulation moving.”

StetchLab opened in March is located at 816 Brayden Parkway between Fort Mill and Tega Cay. follow them on social media to learn more.

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