Building Dominos to See It Fall

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Building it to just watch it fall.
To some – it might seem pointless, but for Gabe Dean it’s a form of art.

The Domino Master put on a spectacle recently inside Harmony Hall at Carowinds.
Dean spent 38 hours stacking nearly 10,000 dominos just to knock them over in less than a minute.

Dean set up this domino art exhibit with Carowinds, all because of his life long love for the theme park.

His inspiration for this piece came from his love of roller coasters and he used his dominoes to pay homage to the park with several Carowinds rides being replicated using dominos, including Wind Seeker, Hurler, Fury 325, Sling Shot and Carolina Cyclone.

Dean said, “Carowinds is a place that really does mean a lot to me. I’ve been a season pass holder here since I was 9 years old, I’m 21 now. I’ve seen the park change over all this time, I’ve got a lot of love for this park, and so I really wanted to let my 2 passions collide here and make a great tribute to the park, and also just let the crowd see it as well.”

Gabe Dean was also featured on the Fox reality TV show Domino Masters where he competed against other domino artists to create chain reaction masterpieces. He hopes to continue using his domino placing skills, and says events like this at Carowinds will help him bring domino art to the world.

Dean’s work can be found on his YouTube channel and he is always looking for opportunities to show off his skills.




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