Bike Share Service Comes To Rock Hill



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 News) – New bike stations are popping up around Rock Hill thanks to Comporium’s newest effort to encourage wellness and connectivity in the Knowledge Park area.

These new bikes are always connected to the internet, and are very high tech, each is equipped with a GPS.
Mayor John Getty’s who attended the unveiling stated, “This is another amenity that makes Knowledge park    a destination place. It’s one where people can come to our town, but more importantly people from Rock Hill, who live in Rock Hill can come downtown and make a day of it.”
As Rock Hill becomes more of a tourist destination, the company funding this venture, Comporium felt it was time to implement a bike share system to encourage local spending while visitors are here.
Comporium C.O.O. Matt Dosch stated, “We think having this amenity will get those out of town visitors to explore more of the area, and maybe view our shops and visit our restaurants and that kind of thing.”
Here’s a view from our go pro, we took ride around downtown earlier. The hub sites, where the bikes are stored stretch from fountain park to legal remedy.
“Currently there are 14 bikes out, and there will be 25, we have some bikes in storage because we’re waiting to confirm a couple of Winthrop locations.” said Julia Simpson with Gotcha Bike.
In order to start riding however you must get the social bicycle app on your phone, and the routine is reserve using the keypad at the back of the bike, release, ride, and eventually return.
Comporium has paid for 2 hours free per rider every day. After that two hours a rider wants to keep going, the price is $6 an hour. There’s even a hold feature, that will reserve a bike for up to an hour.
Simpson adds, “If you wanted to stop say and grab a coffee you could run in, and then return it later to one of the designated hubs.”
According to the guidelines in the app, a rider can be charged if their bike is not returned at all, over $1,000 dollars and 5 if the bike is not returned to it’s designated location.

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