“At the End of the Day, No One is a Winner”, a Local Attorney Reacts to Not Guilty Verdict

CHESTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A jury has found Kenneth Redfern not guilty in the shooting death of Martimonthly McILwain.

The crime occurred in September 2020 at the Last Call Club in Great Falls with the trial wrapping up last week in Chester.
The jury deliberated for about two-half hours and came back with the not-guilty decision.

His attorney, Montrio Belton, who has been working on this case for the past year and half said, “My client has maintained that he was innocent of these changes and for twenty months sat silently privately that he didn’t shoot Mr. McILwain. From a professional perspective we consider it a win, from a personal perspective I do not consider it a win. There are no winners.”

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