As Threat Of COVID-19 Rises, So Does Need For Healthcare Workers

ROCK HILL, S.C. — With the threat of COVID-19 rising everyday, the need for more healthcare workers is also a huge concern.

In fact, officials say before the pandemic even began there was and still is a national shortage.

One company, using technology to help recruit international nurses in the midst of the Coronavirus.

Ron Hoppe is the CEO of Worldwide Health Staff Solutions out of North Carolina. He spoke with CN2’s Renee O’Neil via Face-time to talk about how they are working to recruit and hire around 250 international nurses to come to healthcare facilities with some right here in Rock Hill.

He adds healthcare employers across the country are dealing with a supply and demand issue and his team is working to bring experienced nurses here.

Hoppe says they did have an international trip planned to recruit, but because of the Coronavirus, that was canceled. Now, they are interviewing about 50 nurses a day through Skype interviews.

He says the process to get the nurses here is anywhere from 12 to 24 months, but will greatly benefit our healthcare facilities down the road.

Basically, our hope is it doesn’t spread, but we don’t have to go much further to the main challenge is going to be who is caring for the patients,” Hoppe said. “So, the work we are doing today is not only going to help our clients deliver the care that’s expected of them, its also going to put them in a much better place 2, 3 and 5 years again if, Heaven forbid we are dealing with this type of situation again.”

Hoppe also says what’s so great about this program is when it’s completed, the nurses will be permanent residents with green cards and will be able to bring their families, as well.

As of about 2 weeks ago, nurses were coming to facilities on a weekly basis, even some in Rock Hill. Those nurses were asked to do a 14-day quarantine and are made sure they are cleared from sickness before reporting to work.

It’s estimated that 17 percent of the entire nursing workforce is made up of nurses recruited from outside of the country.