Aeronautica Landing in Carowinds in 2023


YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Carowinds will be kicking off its 50th Anniversary Season in 2023 with several high flying adventure rides.

CN2 takes us into the new area called Aeronautica Landing paying tribute to the Carolinas’ spirit of invention, exploration, and aviation.

In Aeronautica Landing guests will be able to immerse themselves in the history and future of flight taking over the back area of the park in the former Country Crossroads County Fair that was added to Carowinds in 1979

The new land will feature five new attractions as well as a re-theming of an existing ride, for a total of six rides.

The attractions, often refereed to as flat rides, will still give guests the thrills they are look for, and an exciting adventure to first time riders.

In addition to the rides a restaurant featuring a craft beer bar and patio, along with a game zone featuring an acrobatic challenge will fill in the area.

Those at Carowinds describe Aeronautica Landing as a theme park within a theme park.

Carowinds Vice President & General Manager Manny Gonzalez said, “Guests can look forward to in Aeronautica is a new way to experience this property from food to the attractions and the theming of the celebration of flying. Guests will be immersed into this new experience.”

Gonzalez goes on to say that “The Company has been focused on looking at the areas of the park that we are able to develop a comprehensive way to hit our five senses, as we invest and bring in new excitements… that is what I’m most excited about.”

To make room for the new rides in Aeronautica Landing Carowinds is saying goodbye to several rides including Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, the Southern Star and Yo-Yo
Throughout 2023 you will see many celebrations and one-of-kind activities as Carowinds celebrates 50 years of Carolina fun.


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