A New and Improved City of York

CITY OF YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The City of York is getting a long awaited face lift, thanks to a little help from the State of South Carolina.

York officials have worked with state representatives like Tommy Pope and Senator Wes Climer to secure $4.8 million dollars in funding to complete several projects in the city, ranging from a sidewalk installation on Lincoln road to a water line replacement on Liberty Street.

York City Manager Seth Duncan said, “These are big projects, nothing today is cheap, a lot of these water and sewer projects are millions and millions of dollars. And sometimes it’s harder for a small community like York to do all the heavy lifting ourselves. So that’s why we go out and we talk to our delegation and representatives to see what other revenue and resources might be available.”

City leaders say funding provided by the state will help make improvements to the wastewater treatment plant and also help the City to conduct environmental remediation and demolition of the old filtration plant.

Below is a list of the projects:

• $100k for City Park Phase II (amphitheater and outdoor restrooms)
• $200k for Upper/Lower Reservoir Dam Remediation (Lake Caroline)
• $400k for Ratchford Road Elevated Storage Tank Remediation
• $400k for installation of sidewalk on Lincoln Road
• $700k for environmental remediation and demolition of the old water filtration plant
• $1.5 million for water line replacement on Liberty Street
• $1.5 million for wastewater treatment plant improvements

Residents can expect to see shovels in the ground for these projects by Fall.

York Mayor Mike Fuesser says he wanted to thank his staff for their work in targeting and presenting these projects to the counties delegation at the State House and putting York on their radar.

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