A Lancaster Mom Shares Her COVID Story and How HOPE of Lancaster Stepped In to Help





LANCASTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Many people are still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic — some financially and others physically. One Lancaster mom, who has experienced COVID, is sharing her story of how she’s still dealing with the impacts.

HOPE in Lancaster has been a source of support for this community during the COVID pandemic – finding ways to help families pay bills and stay fed. it recently received  a grant, that specifically helps those families.

HOPE of Lancaster’s Christian Garcia says, “This is the One-SC grant and that focuses on individuals in Lancaster County that were negatively impacted by COVID.”

That One-SC grant is worth $25,000 and is allowing HOPE in Lancaster to help 11 families that have been strongly impacted by COVID-19.

Christian says, “I just felt that 11 was a good amount to aggressively help them with their bills and everything else that kind of costs with that grant.”

This Lancaster mom of three got COVID last December and continues her battle nearly one year later.

Jennifer Eisenhauer shares, “So they admitted me and pretty much immediately — so the COVID had turned into pneumonia, they said my lungs looked like glass and it was the worst case they’d scene and someone my age at all so far.

37 y/o Jennifer Eisenhauer also suffered from heart issues and other effects because of the virus. Now – Jennifer uses oxygen most of the day and is unable to work. The One-SC grant was able to help Jennifer and her family pay household bills and get much needed supplies — even additional oxygen tanks. They also provide financial guidance and emotional support.

“Asking for help is hard but I feel like during the pandemic people have realize they need people more than any other time. We had come into a society that was like nope I’ve got this I’m independent I can do for myself. And really just that sense of community was lost and if people would just get over their pride and say hey I need help, then I think that there would be a lot less tension in the community and a lot more outreach,” says Jennifer.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with HOPE of Lancaster leaders and one mom who’s grateful for the organization’s support.


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