$25 million State budget allocation being used for Fort Mill’s new Operations Center

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Town of Fort Mill is getting some room to grow thanks to $25 million in state funding that’s being used to build an all new Operations Center that will house the Town’s Public works and Utilities Departments.

Mayor Guynn Savage announced the new project early this Tuesday outside of Fort Mill’s historical armory that currently acts as the Town’s operations center.

Mayor Savage also unveiled new plans for the Armory that was built in 1938, saying it will now be renovated in an effort to keep it’s history alive.

She added that funding for that project will not be included in the $25 million Fort Mill is receiving from state budget allocations.

At the announcement Town staff showed off previews of what the building will look like, saying The Town has purchased land on Banks Road, which will be the site of the project.

The Town council said finding that land was a challenge as Fort Mill is growing rapidly with no signs of slowing, adding the new operations center will give the Town an advantage in controlling that growth.

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