Trey Maggio

Trey Maggio is our youngest addition to our CN2 News Team! At 18 years old he began helping run church tapes on air for us on Sundays. Now, 25, Trey is one of our news/sports photographers, the graphics designer here at CN2, Technical Director as well as the host of CN2 at the movies every friday night and Hometown Tourist every Thursday night!

Trey, a native to Fort Mill since the early 90’s, has grown up around the York County area watching CN2 for the majority of his life. By the age of 8, Trey received his first video camera from his parents which eventually lit the fire for his love for making short films, documentaries, music videos, and every now and then short comedic clips, just for fun to make his friends and family laugh. Trey graduated from York Technical College with a diploma in Tele-production Technology and from there became more involved in our news team. This is his first job in television, but says he plans to take it as far as he can go.

Some of Treys interests include hanging out with his group of friends, Playing guitar, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, listening to his favorite bands "Yellowcard" & “Angels & Airwaves”, and frequently going to the movie theater to check out what’s currently playing.

Connect with Trey:


Twitter: @cn2news