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TOP STORY: Identity Fraud Warning
If you have filed for an extension with your taxes officials say you make it easier for someone to steal your identity.
All On Board
In our latest carolina connection we find out how to help the All On Board better serve the community.
A Field of Many Battles
Fort Mill's downtown area looking more like a battlefield, luring history buffs of all ages.
Planning Ahead
The retired life, It's supposed to be a time to spend with grandkids, take trips and enjoy all that life has to offer.
TOP STORY: The Life of a Farmer
A life that gets more challenging with dramatic temperature swings.

For the first time in its history of the York Police Department it has had one of its  men deploy putting a strain on the already small department.Officers understand they simply need to fill in the gap and CN2's Caroline Fountain reports it's not just friends and families who will miss our soldiers also their employers and co-workers.