Top Local Stories
TOP STORY: Moving Mountains
When an elderly Rock Hill woman needed help moving a Mountain of debris from her driveway, her neighborhood steps up to the challenge.
Serial Flasher Arrested
Just hours after his picture is shown on the news, a man who Lancaster Police call a serial flasher turned himself in to officers on this Friday.
Greek Chapter on Campus
USC Lancaster going Greek for the first time in school history.
Veterans Affairs Awarded
The Lancaster County Veteran Affairs Director received a huge award.
TOP STORY: Identity Fraud Warning
If you have filed for an extension with your taxes officials say you make it easier for someone to steal your identity.

Investigators say they see a boom in counterfeit bills about once a year.  Normally involving larger bills, 50s and 100s, but this time 20s.On our way to a business affected by the scam our cameras stumbled upon a fake transaction that had just taken place.
Our CN2's Caroline Fountain reports this time the store didn't take the hit.